Cooking isn’t hard (plus how to cook a chicken)

It seems as if a meme has become so deeply embedded in our collective psyche that people who write articles and blog posts repeat it without thinking about it.  The modern trend of clickbait headlines that feel the need to scream at you that they’re telling you something dramatic that you don’t know probably doesn’t help it either.

Cooking isn’t rocket science.

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Easy Wings

There’s a million different recipes online about how to do chicken wings.

If you really must you can make marinade and wait days or you can be a lot more lazy. The beauty of wings is that they’re great every way.

Here’s my stupidly easy way…

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The Monday Update

It’s been a reasonably good week. I’m all revved up on eggs, caffeine and coconut oil this morning, so everything’s going pretty great. My skirts are a little looser, but I suspect that’s mostly gonna be down to losing the carb bloat and not real weight loss just yet. My skin is looking brighter and my face feels less puffy. My mood has been bouncy as heck all weekend. :) Not sleeping brilliantly but that may be down to the humid weather.

I danced in the heavy rain last night. It’s important to take some time to play. :D
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Back on the good food wagon

Having rambled about falling off the wagon (at length – lol), here I am back on it.  I’ve been low carb/high fat again since Saturday, helped by an awesome BBQ at my brother’s. The man is stunning with a grill.

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The truth about me and food

I’ve not posted on here for a while and the truth is that’s because I felt it would be dishonest to. I fell off the wagon. I felt it was wrong to talk about things that I was having trouble doing. It’s not that I stopped believing – very much not – but other things felt like they got in the way.

I have though realised that, rather than not posting, falling off the wagon is the exact thing I should be posting about. Why it’s difficult is an important part of the story, just as important as my successes.

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